Welcome, Singers and Songwriters!
If you are a singer and/or songwriter without a band and want to record a demo or a CD for independent release, you may be interested in our Singer/Songwriter Production Services. Hi-Top Productions can add professional quality backing instrumentation and arrangement to your songs and produce a digitally mastered, broadcast-quality CD.

Unique Opportunity
Unlike most recording facilities that consist of equipment and engineers, Hi-Top is run by Steve Hansen, an accomplished songwriter and composer whose work has been heard on film, television, radio and other multimedia. You benefit from the experience and songwriting sensibility that he brings to all of his productions. Steve understands how to create of a comfortable atmosphere and the importance of capturing your most emotive and powerful performances. Additionally, Steve can provide song critiques and suggest ways to strengthen your songs. The end result is finished product that reflects your absolute best and is something you can be proud of.

Services Included - "One-Stop-Shop"
Hi-Top Productions is a full-service recording studio equipped to make high quality digitally mastered recordings of your songs. This is truly a "one-stop-shop" facility for the songwriter. You benefit by paying a single hourly rate or block rate that includes studio time, engineer, producer and all backing instrumentation for your song(s). This saves you the cost of hiring all of these services separately.

End Product 100% Guaranteed!
Hi-Top Productions takes pride in producing excellent, broadcast-quality digitally mastered recordings. Your success is our success. At completion of your project you will have a high quality recording of your song(s) professionally mixed and mastered onto CD that can be used for mastering CD’s, EP’s or demo tapes. Best of all, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Listen to a before and after audio mix

Audio Mix - Before & After

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